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                                                                          FALLING & WALKING poem by
                                                          Caro C Falling & Walking [SICX008]


19.-20.July   15 Years Anniversary Of Freizeitglauben Record Label & Charity For Refugees And Nepal Earthquake Affected People
Birgit & Bier, Berlin-Kreuzberg                                 facebook event
                   Mike Vamp | Eveline Fink | Michal Ho Live | yapacc | Dj-Aaron Hedges | Benno Blome | Dole & Kom | signal deluxe
                   Danilo Schneider | Markus Schatz | Nils Ohrmann | Simon Beeston | Andre Gardeja | Sid | Gunne | Zuckermann | Dr.Nojoke live

23.-26.July    WAHA festival, Romania                                          
  facebook event 

                        Petre Inspirescu | Raresh | Praslea | Laurine Frost | Cristi Cons | Marlene Magnoli | Cleymoore | AnnOther | Andrej Zots | Dasha Redkina ...
                   Dr.Nojoke live



CD strictly limited to 135 copies
hand-painted - hand-signed - hand-numbered

click here for more
sound    video    behind-the-scenes

                                                                        FALLING & WALKING poem by Caro C



To each of the eleven tracks on my album Falling & Walking there is one video produced by eleven graphic-, visual-, performance artists and filmmakers.
The videos are published via Sleep is Commercial on vimeo. click here

Video artists
The Automatic Message (Vancouver)
Diagraf (Montreal)
ë (Berlin/Moscow)
Zil (Nuremberg)
sinsynplus (Munich)
lili txt (Bogota)
David Altweger and Mira Loew (Vienna/London)
Shibby Shitegeist (Plymouth)
Licht.Pfad Studio (Berlin)
Vanvia (Berlin)
Sary Sehnaoui-Hear (Montreal/Berlin)



Well, Falling & Walking is not just a music album as you may have noticed.
Included are also Eleven videos, one painting and five poems from
Caro C, Ètienne Gour, Michael A. Armstrong, Marianne Kjaer Klausen and Sarah Lamb
Here is the one
from Caro C from Manchester
You might fall, flail and fly (click on it to enlarge)

                                                                          FALLING & WALKING poem by Caro C



FALLING & WALKING is a conceptual, danceable, interdisciplinary album project around the topic "moving",
that took about two years in the making in collaboration with diverse international artists and Sleep is Commercial.
It is composed of 11 music tracks from myself, 11 video-clips from film-makers, video-artists, VJs and
5 poems and 1 painting from people I respect very much - personnally and artistically.

I started a blog on facebook to unfold the whole story and to introduce all collaborating artists and their videos and poems.
go to blog
The album will be released via Sleep is Commercial due to be released early April.
Public video-screening and album presentation is on April, 2nd, 20:00, at Brunnen70, Berlin-Wedding.

                                                                           NOOK label artwork
                                          Dr.Nojoke techno 12"
                                          vinyl  Falling & Walking [SICX008]



Exactly ten years ago I started using CLIKNO as a description for my clicks-inspired danceable music.
Exactly ten years ago I started using Ableton Live to create danceable music from my field recordings.

After producing my first tracks I was absolutely convinced, that this will be my way for the next years
and I was sure that it will be relevant and of interest.
Well, it seems I wasn´t so wrong
Still I didn´t reach my main goal, which is getting booked in Japan. Hahahaha.

I played my first Clikno gig in May 2005 accompanied by my mate Kersten Ginsberg on drums on a very nice underground party in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.
I remember there were Miss Fitz and Red Robin on the line-up as well.

How do I celebrate my 10th Cliknoversary?

First of all I would like to start my own CLIKNO label for my own productions enrolling my very own vision.
It is still in progress - more soon.
I hope you will appreciate that then.

Second only this year I offer special shows - THE 10th CLIKNOVERSARY SHOWDOWN - running though all the 10 years musically.
Get in touch with Thomas Bäz under, if you are interested.

And third this year will see a new Dr.Nojoke album:
FALLING & WALKING will be a conceptual dance album, that connects my music with visuals, poems and painting from international artists exclusively made for Falling & Walking!
More information very soon ...



Malo Lacroix created a beautiful videoclip to my track Kiss Me Please, which was just released on the Regenerated EP on the NOOK label.

Video by Malo Lacroix
Music by Dr.Nojoke

Track appears on REGENERATE EP
Label: Nook
Release date: Oct. 20 2014




... is the title of a challenging project I am working on since 2013.
Falling & Walking is a conceptual dance-album, whereon I collaborate with 11 international visual artists.
Each of the music-tracks is interpreted visually by one of them,
namely The Automatic Message (CAN), Diagraf (CAN), E-Gruppe (GER), Zil (GER), sinsynplus (GER), lili txt (COL), David Sagberg (AUS), Shibby Shitegeist (GBR), Licht.pfad (RUS), Vanvia (ITA), Sary Sehnaoui (CAN)
The album will include also four poems written By Marianne Kjaer Klausen (DEN), Michael A. Armstrong (CAN), Étienne Gour (CAN), Caro C (GBR).

The album will be released in early 2015 on the label Sleep is Commercial
more info soon ...


KRAKE and WAHA festival

Thanks for everybody in Berlin supporting me at the Krake Festival, where I had the honour to play this year.
Just the same day in the morning I performed in the beautiful Carpathian mountains in Romania on the Waha festival.
Both times I had a wonderful experience and I feel very grateful, that so many people feel my music with me and enjoyed it.

There are some photos around on facebook from both festivals.
just click here Krake | Waha

                                                                    Krake Festival 2014 Suicide
                                      Circus Berlin photo by marco microbi/


FLUCHT NACH BARBYLON - 10th anniversary re-release

10th anniversary re-release of my 12 track pre-Clikno album Flucht nach Barbylon.
This album is made entirely in Reason in 2003/2004 and shows quite good the development of my Clikno concept.
Here I started to implement my self-recorded field recordings and found sounds.
Voices, acoustic sounds and instruments were fragmented, re-arranged and heavily manipulated to find new contexts in music and sound.
Instruments / sounds
Reason, plastic cups, metal lids, wooden platform, voices, guitar, field recordings

                                                                    CD cover Flucht nach Barbylon


minim.all podcast  live

                                                                    USA tour 2014, San Francisco, New
                                  York, Brooklyn, Housepitality,


Coal Broadcast Show aired on SCEEN.FM

                                                                    USA tour 2014, San Francisco, New
                                  York, Brooklyn, Housepitality,



The UNOIKI 3 years double CD UNO-IKI-SAN got reviewd on the Swedish online blog ANM (Avant Music News), which descibes itself as
"A source for news on music that is challenging, interesting, different, progressive, introspective, or just plain weird."
You find my track Ramause on that compilation.

read review here
listen to track



Just found on youtube:
My complete live PA at the Berlin studio of RTS.FM in the very hot summer of 2010




My Canada tour was a killer.
I met so many lovely people there, who are into my music.
I played three gigs in Toronto and Montreal
and I enjoyed every second.
The highlight was definitely the PIKNIC ELECTRONIK in Montreal on June, 30th.
click here for watching photos

                                                                    piknic electronik, party, open air,
                        montreal,minimal, techno,

22.June   DEEP NORTH, Toronto
                Dr.Nojoke, Billy Dalessandro, Fairmont, Demas, Zaid Edghaim, Philip Van de Vries
30.June   PIKNIC ELECTRONIK, Montreal
Dr.Nojoke, Alicia Hush, Billy Dalessandro, Chris Larsen                                               
30.June   Hushlamb & Cracknation & Brain & Booty
Dr.Nojoke, Zeina, Magnanime, Ana+tone. M4CRO



Klangscheiben booking was founded in 2013 as part of the Klangscheiben label - run by Thomas Bäz.
It is home for artists such as Sven Laux, Elysée, Marlene Magnoli, Demas, Florist, Sebastian Albrecht and Mod2.
click here


release date: 2012-12-13

The third UNOIKI podcast showcases a spontaneous and fully improvided session from MRZ and Dr.Nojoke recorded during a Berlin visit of MRZ in summer 2012 at studio Boxhagen.
click here for free download

                                                                    cover artwork


[CIRCUS PODCAST #6]   DR.NOJOKE  (vinyl-collage)
release date: 2012-12-07

Vinyl DJ-collage as played on the "Audiophile Gruftsession"
Thanks to Circus Homo Novus and to
Sniffin´ Port for some extra Space Echo treatments.

free download on soundcloud for a short time only
listen on mixcloud

                                                                    cover artwork



click here
                                                                    cover artwork  photo: Ligia R. Pereira (fungo)


FREE TRACKS on my Soundcloud

I would be nobody without you and your love is my food!
Thanks so much <3

If you really think my music is worth a dime you can support me directly on MOOZAR (click here)
If you download from Soundcloud be so kind and give a comment or just follow me :)

Abschalten - Sofort
                                                                    cover artwork

                                                                    cover artwork


[moisture podcast 004]  DR.NOJOKE - MUSIC IS A WARM GUN  (live)
release date: 2012-11-15

the podcast is completed with an interview all up on soundcloud

free download here

                                                                    cover artwork artwork: Dmitry Chalyi 


Pluie/Noir Podcast 014  "Meint Ihr Nicht?"
Sound by Dr. Nojoke.
Visual Interpretation by Sonja.
Video by Max Binski.
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective.
Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers.

We interviewed both artists and dropped some questions about their vision.
click here to listen, watch and read :)

                                                                                      cover artwork



UNOIKI did monthly showcases at Berlin´s Studio R in the second half of 2012.
The first show from Wednesday,
August 15th, was done by myself.
I presented tracks from my new album UNEXPRESSED, bits from my drone side-project ANOMALI plus some more danceable stuff.

click here
                                                                    cover artwork



In July 2012 the first edition of the Sound in Motionfestival kicked off in Toronto - an independent festival of electronic music & art -
presenting acts like Pheek, Sammy Dee, Frivolous, Dualism, Demas, Konque, Billy Dalessandro, Fairmont and many others.
Part of the festival was the SIM showreel. I am very glad that two videos with my tracks 'Küste' - video by vj lilitxt - and 'Clonefixnature' - video by Kabe - made it under the 10 selected ones.

Clonefixnature has been released on the CD compilationUNOIKI calendar 2010.
The track Küste is out on Redukt featuring remixes from Marlene Magnoli and Cleymoore.

>For the complete SIM showreel click here<




Strictly limited to 100 copies.
Handmade cover and design by Jonathan Mangeinckx.


De:Bug REVIEW here

Audio-snippets of all 9 tracks on Soundcloud. click here


Podcast for MNMLKTCHN


Dr.Nojoke - Der Mond ist aufgegangen 

Live PA for the mexican Surf the Waveform podcast hosted on Pijama Surf and curated by Lineas de Nazca.
Interview in Spanish language
go to pijama surf



Don´t know if you ever heard of Flattr!?
I have got a Dr.-Nojoke - Flattr-account now!

Flattr this

It´s a very clever micro-payment-system in the net.
Where-ever you see those Flattr-buttons:

just by clicking you give a share of yourself to the author or creator
and it´s way more fun than making donations or whatever.

Only thing you have to do before:
set up a flattr account at and put a minimum of 2,- Euros each month on it.
I think this is a much cooler way of support than any cultural flatrate or what most of the "official" societies offer.

Your money goes exactly there, where you want it to be! Directly!
It´s up to you!

I´ve got a Flattr-buttons now on my Soundcloud-tracksand I put one here on my website!
Whenever you think my music is worth to be supported:
show your respect and help me to survive, that I can go on with my musical vision!

Thanks so much!


SAVE Festival @ Arma17, Moscow | March 19th 2011

Save Festival was such a great event with a line-up I can only dream of - and all in just one night:
Mouse on Mars | Electro Guzzi | Alva Noto | Farben aka Jan Jelinek | Jin Choi | Seph and russian acts like the Easy Changes | Ol | Abelle and Anoushka.
I had the pleasure to play on the mainstage between Alva Noto and Seph - two of my heroes :)

RTS.FM streamed all live from the main stage.
If you have a login for RTS.FM you can listen and watch my set there. click here
For audio only you can stream and download my set fromSoundcloud
For photos o
n Resident Advisor click here



The French Input selector crew invited me to do a live-set for their great podcast series,
for which DJs and producers such as Leif, Tom Ellis, Delano Smith, Jay Haze, Grifin´, Storlon or Keinzweiter has contributed also.

IS 078 - Dr.Nojoke (Live) [Archipel, Mischievous Musique, Autist, Unoiki] by Input Selector


click here



UNOIKI was launched on 01-01-2010.
UNOIKI is a collective, a label, a network
,... exploring the spaces inbetween.
I initiated this project in summer 2009 to promote outstanding, innovative, visionary producer such as
Keinzweiter, Sven Laux, Humeka, MRZ, J-Lab, Storlon, Sul.a, Andrés Marcos, Ten and Tracer, choenyi and Dr.Nojoke.
On the graphic and visual side we have Jonathan Mangelinckx, who did the logo and the cover artwork for the UNOIKI calendar 2010.
We want to encourage experiments, collaborations and interdisciplinary works
and want to expand our network and collaborate with artists and people, who feel related to it.
We are looking for visual-, media- or light-designers for futurs UNOIKI showcases!
Contact via our website
Sign up to the newsletter not to miss upcoming releases!
Follow UNOIKI on myspace,, soundcloud, twitter and facebook



The experimental artist Okapi from Rome used samples from Dr.Nojoke tracks on his CD Økapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra - Love-him!  The orchestra itself consists in an amazing list of diverse composers and producers such like John Adams - Dick Dale - Les Baxter - David Shea - Alexander von Schlippenbach - Arnold Schönberg - Louis Sclavis - Günter Sommer - Yoshinori Sunahara - Tape Beatles and hundreds others. On Okapi's myspace site you can find some listening examples of the funny sound-collages: Bud-dub features samples from Zu-Fü-Schi - It's Not a Trick, It's Yuki Yaki [YukiYaki005] - and Aldo Kapi samples from Kusiom - Skulptur zum Tanzen [Autist Records].